Glass Cloth for FRP characteristic properties and application classification
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Glass Cloth for FRP is mostly used for hand gluing into process, glass fiber reinforced material square cloth is mainly used in ship hull, storage tank, cooling tower, ship, vehicle, tank, building structure material. Glass fiber cloth is mainly used in industry for: heat insulation, fire prevention, flame retardant. The material absorbs a lot of heat when burned by flame and can prevent the flame from passing through and isolate the air.

Glass Cloth for FRP

Classification of Glass Cloth for FRP.

1, according to the composition: mainly in alkali, alkali-free, high alkali (is the classification of the composition of alkali metal oxides in glass fiber), of course, there are also other components of the classification.

2, according to the manufacturing process: crucible drawing and pool kiln drawing.

3, according to the variety: there are combined yarn, direct yarn, jet yarn, etc..

In addition, it is distinguished by single fiber diameter, TEX number, twist, and type of infiltrant.

The classification of Glass Cloth for FRP is similar to that of fiber yarn, which includes, in addition to the above,: weaving method, gram weight, amplitude, etc.

Notes on Glass Cloth for FRP.

fibreglass surface tissue

General conventional Glass Cloth for FRP monofilament diameter is more than 9-13 microns, 6 microns below the glass fiber floating matter, can directly enter the lung tube, can cause respiratory diseases, so pay special attention to the 6 microns below the general mostly imported. Production operations must wear professional masks. If frequent contact may be sucked into the lungs and cause pneumoconiosis. If the body is stained with glass fibers, the skin is bad will be allergic to itchy, but generally will not have a big harm, bad skin may be a small bag, that is the phenomenon of allergy, eat some anti-allergy medicine on the good. If it is difficult to get on the clothes to remove, in a windy place to pat a few times, washed and dried after using branches and other patting pumping easier to remove, more patting a few times.