Product characteristics and common applications of High silica cloth for sale
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High silica cloth is a kind of heat-resistant, soft special crystal fiber fabric, its SiO2 content reaches more than 96%. The product has excellent heat resistance characteristics, can be used in 1000 ℃ environment for a long time, instant heat resistance temperature up to 1400 ℃, using Na2O-B2O3-SiO2 ternary system glass raw materials, by the acid processor softening point temperature of 1700 ℃.

High silica cloth for sale

Product characteristics of high silica cloth for sale: 1.

1. Low thermal conductivity

2. Good chemical stability

3. Good electrical insulation performance

4. Low thermal shrinkage rate

5. Non-asbestos products, no pollution

6. Good processability

Main applications of High silica cloth for sale:

1. High temperature resistant, heat insulation, heat preservation, sealing material

2. High temperature ablation resistant material

3. Fireproof material (making fireproof clothes, fireproof curtain, fire extinguishing felt, etc.)

4. High temperature gas dust collection, liquid filtration

5. Metal melt filtration and purification

6. Automotive and motorcycle sound insulation, heat insulation, exhaust gas filtration

7. Welding heat insulation protection materials

8. Electric insulation materials

High silica cloth

Thickness specifications of high silica cloth for sale.

0.26mm, 0.36mm, 0.6mm, 0.65mm, 0.76mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.35mm

Typical applications of high silica cloth for sale: 1.

1.High temperature heat insulation, insulation, sealing in industrial field

2. Metal melt filtration, building fire prevention

3. Anti-thermal ablation material for rocket, missile and spacecraft

4. Fireproof clothing fire curtain special high temperature gloves, etc.