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  • Rovings for Spray-up/Gun Rovings
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  • Assembled Roving for spray-up is compatible with UP and VE resins. It delivers properties of low static, excellent dispe...
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Product parameters

1.Product Description


It is roving which as reinforced material in the process of FRP spray up molding and can compatible with UP resin and vinyl resin. It can be widely used in yacht, auto parts, sanitary, etc.

It has good stiffness, easy cutting and low static. After processed by spray gun, the fibers are even and dispersed well which easy to grind and throw out air bubbles.


2. Specification

Filament diameter: 11Micron or 13Micron

Roving density: 2,400tex

Packing:Qty/20 FT FCL: 48 rolls or 64 rolls/pallet, around 17kg/roll, 20 pallets, total 19040kg.

Technical Data:

Various Tests 
Standard No.Standard 
Average ValuePassed?/Yes or No
Nominal Tex (tex)ISO 1889-19972280-25202375Yes
Loss On lgnition(%)ISO 1887-19950.85-     1.150.97Yes
Moisture Content(%)ISO 3344-1997≤0.100.05Yes
Stiffness(mm)ISO 3375-1987120-160135Yes
Splitting Ratio(%)Q/JS J0357-201083-9894Yes

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