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Blade of Axial Fan
axial fan blade

Blade of Axial Fan

Axial fan blade,Blade of Axial Fans Universal connection/2-16 blades/11 standard pitch angles from 5° to 50°/ clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation/7 hub sizes available/ fan blades replacement available/250-2200mm in fan diameter/9.8-87inch in diameter
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The fan diameter ranges from 250 to 2200mm,and the blade twist angle can be adjusted from 20°to 50°,Blade of Axial Fans for sale meet the different application requirement of the customer.The P4Z P5Z blade is only the geometric enlargement of the P6Z,and the root design is identical.The same reason for the same series.The root is locked in the fan hub by a steel fixing pin,which ensures that the blade will not be displaced after installation and the twist angle remains unchanged.blade molded from high-strength thermoplastic materials or die-cast from a aluminum alloys have the following advantages:

·Light weight,high strength



Blade Material



Temperature Range




Nylon6 Black and White



Heavy load


Nylon6 Black


Conductivity Fire resistance

Explosive danger


Die-cast Aluminum alloy


Large temperature range

High temperature

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