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E-glass Cloth Tape
E-glass Cloth Tape

E-glass Cloth Tape

Made of imported glass cloth coated with acrylic adhesive.
Has the advantages of good temperature resistance, strong adhesion, strong toughness and tear resistance.
Mainly used in high-strength insulation protection such as H-grade heat-resistant insulation strapping, various high-temperature sandblast protection and lithium-manganese batteries insulation wrapping.
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Product Detail

Model No.: 560RS

Physical propertiesValueGB/T Test method
Adhesion (normal)2N/10mm2792
Tensile strength200N/10mm7753
Elongation at break4.50%7753
Electrical Strength (Normal)2000V-
Temperature resistance155℃-
Standard width10mmCustomizable
Standard length33mCustomizable
BackingGlass fabric-
AdhesiveAcrylic acid-
Backing ColorWhite-

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