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Polyglass Banding Tape
Polyglass Banding Tape

Polyglass Banding Tape

Banding tapes are of high quality, which consist of parallel twisted E- Glass yarns preimpregnated with a special thermosetting polyester resin.

Characters and Applications:
Class H(180 celsiuse degree) insulating material, high tensile strength, high resistance to shocks, high modulus of elasticity, dimensional stability. Widely used as ideal banding materials for electrical motors, transformers and lighting arresters.
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Product Detail

Type:H200-W (2853-W)

ItemUnitSpecificationTest dataTest Condition
Volatile Content(75℃±2℃/lh)%≤21.22GB/T22471.2-2008
Resin Content%27±228.8
Soluble Resin Content
(Toluene, ethanol = 3:2 solvent heat to 30 to 50℃ soaked 30 min, secondly soaked at this temperature for 15 min, then rinse with alcohol, roast 155℃ for 1h)
Settability(155℃±2℃/2h)-Easy to peel and not stickymeet the requirement
Tensile Strength(Ring Test Speciment)
Tensile Strength(Ring Test Speciment)
Tensile Modulus Of Elasticity
Ring Test Speciment

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