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Pigment/Paste for FRP
resin pigment

Pigment/Paste for FRP

resin pigment,SMC resin,BMC resin,frp pigment paste is made by distribution and milling in the special media from color pigment and assistant solvent. It can be used for coloring FRP products, during usage. To mix the color paste with resin based on a certain ratio evenly, after formation the final products with the required color will be got. It has vivid color, and it is heat resistance, stable quality, strong coloring performance etc. The function of pigment can not be fully carried out until the color paste has good coloring performance. It can reach the same color and color strength as other brand by using the minimum quantity and meanwhile with good coloring performance.
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Product Detail

Resin pigment Specification List



Main Component




In resin, a portion of 3%-5%nis recommend to add. Of course, the final ruantity can be increased or decreased according to different technology and request.

Pigment powder


special media

Paste like substance with even color

≤30 Micron

Even color after sample solidifying

RAL Sheet

RAL Sheet

RAL Sheet

RAL Sheet

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