Dilauroyl peroxide
Dilauroyl peroxide

Dilauroyl peroxide

Laurox is a widely used initiator for the suspension and mass
polymerization of vinyl chloride between 60°C and 80°C. In many cases
It is combined with a more active initiator, such as a
peroxydicarbonate (e.g. Perkadox® 16) to increase reactor efficiency.
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Product Detail


White flakes without any contamination
Assay99.0% min.
Acid as lauric acid0.4% max.


1.06 g/cm3
Bulk density471-497 kg/m3 (30-31 lb/ft3 )
Melting point range53-55°C (127-131°F)


Ts max=30°C

Packaging non-returnable cartons of 50 lb net weigh

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