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Sheet molding compound (SMC) is a high-strength composite material comprising primarily a thermosetting resin, filler (s), and fiber reinforcement. Thermosetting resin is typically based on unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, phenolic, or a modified vinyl urethane.
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Product Detail

sheet moulding compound products Specification List

CodeFG Content%Density g/cm³Linear Shrinkage%Water Absorption
HDT ℃Flexural Str. MpaTensile
Str. Mpa
Impact Str. KJ/m²ApplicationAnti-flaming UL94. Class.mmOxygen Index%
Vehicle Parts6001201.821.1≤0.2≥2001054545box body Decorative parts.HB26
6002251.81.151306060Dam board,medium size parts

6003351.751.12009080stracture and Large size parts

6004301.7801807070Level A surface Low shrinkage

6005331.760.022008080Level A surface Low shrinkage

6006301.70.121707575stracture and Medium size parts

Building Material and Bathroom Accessory8001251.780.1≤0.2≥2001607070Surface color Uniform and smooth Bathroom wallboard

8002221.820.021205050Surface color Uniform and smooth
Door skin

8003271.780.11707575Surface color Uniform and smooth Bathroom base plate

8004251.801306060Surface-mount decorate fabric; Smooth and Low-shrinking Bathroom wallboard

8005201.82-0.021054540Negative shrinking Smooth decorate board Door skin

8006251.780.11606565Anti-flaming Bathroom materialV128
Railway Communication Appliance5001(L)251.850.1≤0.2≥2001506565Power box Communication box L-type oriented Enhancement type V128
5002(L)251.80.151707575Railway signal box Eletic apliance parts Insulating products Cable bearer V0-2.833
5003(L)281.780.151808080Railway signal box Eletic apliance parts Insulating products Cable bearer V0-1.635
5004(L)301.780.151808080Insulating pathway and bearer for metro Insulating electic apliance V0-0.838
5005(L)281.80.11606060Metro seat Window frame Clapboard V0-0.845
5006(L)301.70.0520010080Cable bearer V0-0.845
Special Application2001501.650.2≤0.2≥200200100100Sports equipment Helment
High strength products

2002251.40.151205050Musical instrument

2003401.80.2250120100Local reinforcement Cloth

2004301.750.1300160120VE type

Popular SMC1001161.80.1≤0.2≥2001003030Nomarl small size Not anti-flaming products

1002201.801203535Nomarl medium size Not anti-flaminf products

Electic Appliance2001181.85
≤0.2≥2001203535Nomarl small size Not anti-flaming products Insulating productsV0-1.633
1203535Nomarl medium size Not anti-flaminf products Insulating productsV0-0.835

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