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Aramid Braided Rope and Webbing
Aramid Braided Rope and Webbing

Aramid Braided Rope and Webbing

Aramid braided rope are made of aramid filament fiber.
Aramid Webbing is a new composite high-performance webbing,
It has a very high strength, is 5-6 times than high-quality steel.and extremely wide range of continuous use temperature, it can long term operation in the range of -196°C to 340 °C. The shrinkage is 0 in the 150°C and it does not decomposed and melting at the temperature of 560°C.
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Product Detail

Aramid Braided Rope Features and Applications

Product features


High temperature, fire retardant, light weight, high strength, high modulus,

dimensional stability, low shrinkage,

puncture resistance, cutting resistance,

wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical corrosion, mechanical properties,

and good dielectric properties

Aramid engineering rope, roller rope,

hanging rope, Aramid safety rope,

high-altitude rope, traction rope,

aramid leisure rope, hang gliding rope,

resistant rope,

fire-resistant flame-retardant rope,

high temperature rope,

chemical-resistant aramid rope

Aramid Braided Rope Specification List



Breaking Strength


Pale-yellow (Accept custom black)

0.5mm - 20mm (Accept custom)



Aramid Webbing Features and Applications

Product features


Light weight, High strength, High modulus,

Dimensional stability, Low shrinkage,

Puncture resistance,

Abrasion resistance,

Heat resistance,

Chemical resistance,

Flame resistance,

Mechanical properties,

Good dielectric properties.

it is widely used in many fields such as industrial conveyor belts, safety belts, industrial lifting belts, glass steel furnace roller belts and other special requirements on webbing.


Aramid Webbing Specification List




Length (m)



Yellow /Blue/Red/Bllack

100meter per roll

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