Fiberglass Tape 4321A for Heavy-Duty Insulating and Fastening Applications
  2023/10/17| View:1201

Recently, we will export a new product Fiberglass tape 4321A.

·Made of polyester film (PET Film)laminated with fiberglass, coated with non-corrosive synthetic rubber.

·Advantages: Puncture, abrasion and edge tear resistance, and high tensile strength.

Basic parameters

Substrate: PET+ glass fiber

90° peeling force (N/inch) :≥10

Binder: synthetic rubber

Initial adhesion (# steel ball) : 12

Total thickness (μm) : 110±15

Stick (h) : ≥ 24

Unit area (g/) :146±8

Unwinding force (N/25mm) :≤7.5

Fracture strength (N/inch):≥600

Elongation (%) : ≤8


Suitable for thick carton packaging

heavy packaging

building plane bonding

steel binding

furniture packaging

fixing part of the electrical equipment


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