Fiberglass Tape 560R with High Tack Fire Retardant Adhesive
  2023/10/17| View:448

We continue to insist on product innovation to meet the needs of more customers.

Our latest product is a high quality fiberglass flame retardant tape, that is a perfect replacement for the 3M 399FR Tape.

560R is is composed of nonflammable Fiberglass fabric with high tack fire retardant adhesive system. It can be used for sealing, holding, and heat insulation for ships, EV battery packs, and plants.


● Cabin, Inside of panel, Ceiling, Pipe insulation  

● EV battery pack and other insulation application


Backing: Fiberglass Cloth

Lining:  Glassine Paper

Adhesive:Acrylic (Fire‐retardant)


Temperature Resistance: 120˚C  

Flame Retardancy: V0


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