Super long stock time epoxy resin for boat building and Wind energy
  2023/09/08| View:1192

3311A/B is a low-viscous infusion resin system, consisting of an epoxy resin part 3311A and a modified amine hardener part 3311B. The resin system has excellent fiber wetting properties, which can be used for processing of glass, carbon and aramide fibers. Due to its excellent mechanical properties, this system is suitable for the production of components featuring high static and dynamic loadability.


1. Very low viscosity

2. Long pot life and very low exothermal peak

3. Good fiber wetting property

4. Excellent processing,thermal and mechanical propertie



Specially designed for infusion processes (RTM/SCRIMP/VARI) which gel time >5hr such as rotor blades for wind turbines, boat and shipbuilding, sports equipment.



The resin and hardeners can be stored for at least 12 months in their carefully sealed containers. The resin and hardeners may crystallize at temperatures below 150C. the crystallization is visible as a clouding or solidification of the contents of the container.

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