UTEK Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat for Producing Fan Blade
  2023/10/13| View:638

Last month, we loaded a container of 450g/m3 Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat. Customer uses it for producing fan blade for cooling towers. 



Why customer choose us?

1. High Tensile Strength

For fan blade, it needs high tensile strength. Our CFM450 can reach 170 N/75 mm (Warp) and 160 N/75 mm (Weft), very high.

Test Item



Area Weight



Binder Content



Water Content



Tensile Strength MD

N/ 75 mm


Tensile Strength CD

N/ 75 mm


Permeation Rate



2. Binder Types

We have both powder binder and emulsion binder. We can provide free samples for your test.

3. Wide Applications

Our CFM has wide use. We have two types of CFM,can be used for:


Hot Press Moulding

RTM/ Vacuum infusion

4. Max loading quantity

We can load the max quantity for customers, more cost efficient.

For 1150mm width, we can load 10080kg in 20ft container that is 400 kilograms more than other suppliers.

5. Competitive price


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