Boat Building Materials With One-stop Supply
  2021/06/22| View:671

Changzhou Utek Composite Company supply full set of raw materials for boat /yatch/high speed boat/catamaran building and so on

The process for hand lay up and vacuum infusion process.


1. Core Materials:

PVC Foam; PET Foam; PP honeycomb

Surface treatment: plain board; perforated; grooved; backing scrim

Suitable for deck, deck, ship board, ship bow....


2. Fiberglass and carbon fabric :

Unidirectional: 0° 400g/900g

Combination mat: BXM600/225,QXM1200/225

Chopped strand mat: 300, 450 Power or Emulsion

Biaxial Fabric: ±45°, 0/90°

Carbon fabric plain or twill weave,and carbon strips.


3. Infusion Consumables:

Vacuum bagging film; Sealant Tape; Spiral Tube; Flow Tube; Flow media; Peel Ply; Breather cloth; Core Mat Soric XF,Infusion valve,Infusion seat,Catalyst bottle


4. Tools

Roller,handle,Dispenser,Measuring cylinder,Hand brush,spray gun,gloves


All materials in one container, clear and convenient for customers.

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