Q&A for SMC Manhole Covers Production
  2022/01/04| View:680


Recently we have a customer, who is a manufacturer for SMC manhole covers.

He met some problems during production and asked our technical support.



We are getting wrinkles on the bottom side of the Manhole cover.

I have tried with 140 – 145 and also higher temperature like 160 – 165 as well. The pressure used is 15 MPa.



Solutions to overcome the wrinkles:

1. Put suitable quantity of SMC materials and don`t put too much.

The wrinkle issue is caused by too much materials and the air is not drained entirely, then the product have air bubbles.


2. The pressure can be set in 20 MPa.


3. The temperature will not affect this wrinkle much.



Do you have any data for the curing time per mm thickness of product.


Usually at least 20~30minutes.


If you have any question during production, welcome to contact us.

We can provide products and technical support both!