The advantages of pvc foam core board in the actual use process
  2022/02/28| View:571

The chemical composition of pvc foam core board is polyvinyl chloride, so it is also called polyvinyl chloride foam board. pvc foam core board is not harmful to human body, it is because PVC is non-toxic and harmless, so it is treated as a very environmentally friendly material, only when the temperature exceeds the limit or burning will produce harmful gases to human body.

pvc foam core board

What are the characteristics of pvc foam core board?

1. Environmental protection: pvc foam core board will not produce too much formaldehyde like interior decoration after it is installed. We all know that the harm of formaldehyde for the human body is widely known, and because of this, many people are very averse to products that contain formaldehyde. So it also prompted a lot of products will not produce a lot of harm, began to move towards a healthy and environmentally friendly route. pvc foam core board is renewable, sustainable, and at a later stage for the protection of the earth's environment and natural ecological resources has a very important significance.

2. Environmental: pvc foam core board can resist most organic solvents such as inorganic acids, alkalis or salts, and it is also mostly used in various pharmaceutical or chemical anti-corrosion materials in general.

pvc foam board

3. Electrical: pvc foam core board is a polymer product with good electrical properties, but relatively speaking, corona resistance is more general, suitable for use between low and medium voltage, low frequency insulation materials.