PVC foam core board’s features
  2022/03/25| View:229

PVC foam core board factory explains its features PVC foam core board surface lose, no crust, showing fine concave-convex surface, is conducive to printing, spraying, veneer, PVC foam core board factory only need to use ordinary foam mold can be produced, the process is relatively easy to control. It is widely used in passenger cars, train car roofs, box core layer, interior decoration board, building exterior wallboard, interior decoration board, water-resistant materials, art materials, and all kinds of light partition boards instead of the glass ceiling.

pvc foam core board

What are the characteristics of PVC foam core board?

1. Environmental protection: PVC foam core board is not like interior decoration as there is a lot of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde to the human body is very clear about the harm, but also because so many people are containing formaldehyde products are very offensive. So now more and more products start to take the road of environmental protection and health. The PVC foam core board produced by the PVC foam core board factory is renewable and sustainable, which is of great significance to protect the Earth’s environment and natural ecological resources.

2. Environment: PVC foam core board can withstand most organic solvents such as inorganic acid, alkali, or salt. PVC foam core board factory thinks it is suitable for pharmaceutical or chemical anti-corrosion materials.

3. Electrical: PVC foam core board is good electrical properties of the polymer products, but the corona resistance is relatively general, suitable for use in low-voltage and low-frequency insulation between the material.