Elastic Fiberglass Tape
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It is made by fiberglass yarn by knitting machine, and different width available like 2/3/4/5/6 inches,

it can be used for medical polymer bandage splint, industrial armor tape, welding clamp tape, oil pipeline

plugging tape and thermal insulation materials.


2inch: 200m/roll   1600m/carton

3inch: 200m/roll   1000m/carton

4inch: 200m/roll   800m/ carton

5inch: 200m/roll   600m/carton

6inch: 200m/roll   400m/carton

Advantages of product:

1. High strength

2. High elasticity

3. High temperature heat treatment process

4. Yarn is not easy to loosen when cutting

5. Good permeability

6. Good performance

7. Reliable quality

8. Various specification

9. Not easy to wear

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Elastic Fiberglass TapeElastic Fiberglass Tape