How to Solve SMC Delamination Problem?
  2022/05/21| View:193

Q: Please find the picture and request you to provide us the technical assistance to solve this delamination problem in the middle of the product.

How to Solve SMC Delamination Problem

A: To solve this delamination problem:

1. do 2nd air exhaust.

When producing manhole with big thickness,  before you do mould process,

you should open the mould again, then close the mould.

(This step is very important, to move the air bubble during the materials.

The delamination is because of the air bubble)

2. When you put the materials into the mould,

first put SMC materials in the middle of the mould, don`t put from the edge of the mould.

In this way, when you close the mould, more easier to exhaust the air bubble out.