Low Noise Aluminum Alloy Square Plate Fan
  2022/07/06| View:129

   We developed a ventilation fan that can adapt to most scenarios, with lower cost, and can replace blades and motors according to customer requirements, including the replacement of anti-corrosion glass fiber reinforced plastic surfaces for the shell, the specific parameters are as follows:



Size: 1m*1m*0.33m

Diameter of impeller: 0.88m


Blade type: 7 XL ALU

Motor information:

Output power: 2.2 kw  6 pole

Static pressure: 100 Pa

Air volume: 30000 m3/h

Rotating speed: 960 rpm

Working decibel: 69 dB



Evaporative condensers, cooling towers, air compressors, air conditioner fans, refrigeration equipment, etc.