PMI Foam Popular Among Different Countries
  2022/08/11| View:96

Polymethacrylimide (PMI) foam is a crosslinked rigid structural foam with

100% closed cell structure.


Regular Size:2500*1250mm, could also be customized



1. Heat distortion temperature is 180 ~ 240 °C

2. Having the highest specific strength and modulus among all kinds of foam

3. High temperature autoclave molding (180 ~ 230 °C, 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa),

    vacuum package heating molding (180 ~230 °C, several Pa)

4. Good compatibility with various resin systems



1. Aerospace&Aviation, Unmaned aerial vehicle

2. Automotive, Railway transit

3. Radome&Antenna

4.Sports equipment

5. Medical apparatus

6. Wind power



Wooden packing to protect PMI

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