Utek's Axial Fans Popular among the World
  2022/08/19| View:426

The Axial fans sold by our company have good performance and have been exported to many countries. Today we loaded 20GP and 40HQ containers of blades, hubs, pins, etc. in our factory.


Why do customers choose us? 

Our company optimizes the fan performance according to the aerodynamics theory and technology, and has passed a series of wind tunnel tests .

--Competitive price

--Customized packing

--Supporting product customization

--Timely reply

-- Quality same as wingfan and multiwing


What applications can our Axial fan be used for?

-- Fields of wind power

-- Engineering machinery

-- Agriculture

-- Forestry and plant protection

-- Heat dissipation

-- Engine cooling

-- Ventilation

-- Air conditioning

-- Heating and refrigeration

And many other applications.


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