Fiberglass 308H Direct Roving for Filament Winding for Cylinder
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Product description:

For fiberglass direct roving, we recommand E6CR17-1200-308H.

E6 glass formulation, coated with a silane-based sizing composition.


Specially designed for reinforcing epoxy resin and suitable for both amine and anhydride curing systems.

In 20GP container, load 18tons.

In 40HQ container, load 24tons.

Technical Parameters:

       Technical Data Sheet
Item Linear density variationMoisture contentSizing contentBreakage strength
Test methodISO 1889ISO 3344ISO 1887ISO 3341
Standard range± 5≤ 0.100.55 ± 0.15≥ 0.40

Packing and application:

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