Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat
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Fiberglass Continuous Filament Mat

 UTEK Continuous Filament Mat (CFM) is a non-woven mat made from E-CR glass filaments, consisting of continuous fibres randomly orientated in multiple layers.

The glass fibre is bonded with a silane coupling agent and the layers held together with a suitable binder.

 Changzhou utek composite company offers two groups of CFM:

·powder mats

·emulsion mats


Use application:

   Pultrusion process

   Closed mold process/ RTM/ S‐RIM/ Infusion

   PU foaming (for LNG Ship)


Resin compatible:

 Unsaturated polyester resin/ Vinyl ester Resin/ Epoxy resin


Delivery fast, 10-15days after order. 

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