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High tensile strength 175N/cm Glass fiber Scrim with PET film for cable
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UTEK now researches new product: Glass fiber scrim, high tensile strength 175N/cm, in 6” paper core with long roll length.

1.       1540m/roll, inner diameter 150mm, outer diameter 475mm

2.       900m/roll, inner diameter 150mm, outer diameter 385mm

TDS as follows:

1: Area weight 120gsm,

2: thickness 150um,

3:PET film 12um.

4:Density 9*8. 132 TEX in warp and weft.

5: paper core: 3” and 6”

Width can be customized. It can be used in cable and wire.


Welcome to contact us. UTEK team will serve you.



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