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High silica fabric with Silica content higher than 96%
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UTEK now provide high silica products with various different typres.

1.       High silica satin cloth

BWT400, 400gsm, 0.4mm thickness, density 20*12

BWT600, 600gsm, 0.6mm thickness, density 20*16

BWT1100, 1100gsm, 1.0mm thickness, density 19*15

2.       High silica plain cloth

BWT 250, 255gsm, 0.25mm thickness, density 13*14

3.       High silica chopped strand

It is a special glass fiber with heat resistance for long time in 1000, flash temperature can reach 1450. This fabric can mainly suitable for production in thermal environment, such as fire shutters, fire doors, fire clothing. It can also used in helicopter, rocket launcher, missile launcher.


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