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Orders Delivery by Sea
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Dear Customers,

The sea freight will increase crazily high, from now to February 2021.

This is newest information we got from our forwarders.


Our Port of Loading: Shanghai, China

·Ship to South Asia: freight is relatively stable but higher than before.

·Ship to the USA/Europe/South America: freight is super unstable and increase crazily until our holiday finish.



1.      Chinese Exporting Volume Increase a lot, but transportation capacity insufficient.

2.      Due to the pandemic, the container can`t return back to China in time. So it`s very hard to book containers and shipment.

3.      Chinese Biggest Holiday- Spring Festival is in February.

From end of Jan to end of Feb, workers and truckers would back home for reunion. The logistics will be very slow in whole month.


Our company will try best to make delivery at the end of December or January.

The new orders would do in FOB term.

If there`s any adjustment, hope you can understand.

If you have orders, please contact our sales manager in advance.

Thank you for your supporting.


Dec 082020

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