Fiber Glass and PVC foam for Wind Turbine Nacelle Covers
  2021/01/12| View:565

Changzhou Utek Composite Company have a list of materials for wind energy or wind power.  

Suitable for wind turbine nacelle covers.

Suitable for vacuum infusion process.

1. Fiber Glass Products:

Sandwich mat 1380g: (0.90°) fabric/PP/chopped strand

Combination mat: 900g, 1050g, 1250g

Biaxial fabric: 800g, 1200g (0.90°)


2. Core Materials:

PVC Foam; PET Foam


3. Infusion Consumables:

Vacuum bagging film; Sealant Tape; Spiral Tube; Flow Tube; Flow media; Peel Ply; Breather cloth; Core Mat Soric XF


All materials in one container, clear and convenient for customers.

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