Q&A For Prevent Axial Fan Breakage of Cater C11
  2022/01/05| View:481

A engine cooling customer have a big problem with cooling fan for Cater C11. We solved and analyzed all the problems, the details are as follows:


Q:All the fan blades used before are broken

A:We tested by Software,result is load exceeded, so we reduce the angle, and replace with aluminum blades.Double guarantee!

QThe heat dissipation of the gearbox is moved to water tank. Is the current fan capable of satisfying the heat dissipation?

AIt must not be used. The design heat dissipation must exceed 20-30%. After our software test, we added 8 blades to 12 blades and increased the angleuse alu blade to make sure it's performance.

QTemporary modification of the design cause the fan already made to be unavailable, how to solve it?

A:Assess that the blades can be used, re-disassemble and replace with a new 12-blade hub. During assembly, only the cost of the hub is charged, which saves costs for customers.

Q:Customers need to split by air and sea?

A: Air freight orders are expedited, and they are reinforced with cartons, stretch film packing tapes, the lightest weight and the smallest volume, saving customers transportation costs.

By sea we use wooden box,Robust and large capacity


The most professional technology and the best quality are to save costs for customers.