Fiberglass Stitched Mat for Pultrusion and Winding
  2022/01/06| View:835

Fiberglass stitched mat, even area weight, fast wet out, high strength and low cost to compare continuous filament mat, we export big quantity to different countries for pultrusion or winding process. Our customers from Middle East, South East Asia, South America, Russia and so on.

stitched mat.jpg

Utek regular specifications:

Area Weight:  300-900gsm

Roll Width:1000/1160/1200/1300/1400/2600/3800mm

Narrow Width available like 200mm/266mm for pipe winding.


We have many production lines and our production capacity is 1000-1500tons per month to guarantee the delivery and keep the competitive the price.

If you have enquiry, please contact us.