Utek BMC Additives
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Bulk(Dough) Molding Compounds(BMC/DMC). It is premix obtained by fully kneading unsaturated polyester resin and other filling materials, reinforcing materials, curing agents, mold release agents, low shrinkage agents, etc.

We have been specializing in composite materials since 2012. We can provide you all the additives and equipment of BMC.



Unsaturated polyester: Poly(propylene fumarate)-8006, 118

Low profile additive: Poly(methyl methacrylate)-PMMA

Catalyst: Mixture of peroxides-TBPB

Mold release: Zinc stearate-AV300, Calcium Carbonate

Maturation agent: Mgo


Kneading Machine  



Injection Molding Machine


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