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Ethylene-acrylic acid (EAA) is thermoplastic and extremely adhesive copolymer resins.


packaging, powder coating, adhesives, hot melt adhesives, sealing materials, water-based solvents, environmentally friendly degradable materials, liquid aseptic, dry-food and laminated tube container packaging, cable shielding, etc.


Extensively used in the food packaging industry for multiple packaging applications due to its adhesive properties with packaging substrates including LDPE, paper, polyamides, and foil.

Resistant to water, grease, thermos-plasticity, and solvents and is characterized by the thickening and binding properties.

Additionally, it is highly suitable for acid-food packaging applications due to its high bond resistance property.

Adhesion to a range of polar substrates including aluminum and tin and other metals and their oxides, glass, cellulose, wood, leather, cellophane, protein, nylon, polyurethane, polyethylene, ternary ethyl Propylene rubber, etc.

Wide usage without thermal decomposition and bubbling.

Sealing performance: very low temperature sealing with high seal strengths, high hot-tack forces and good seal-through contamination.


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