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Full set of fiberglass products for FRP pultrusion
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Full set of fiberglass products for FRP pultrusion

For FPR pultrusion process,we can produce and supply:

Fiberglass direct roving 2400tex,4400tex,4800tex,9600tex

Fiberglass surface veil 30gsm,50gsm

Fiberglass stitch-bonded mat 300gsm,450gsm,600gsm

Fiberglass continous filament mat 300gsm,450gsm,600gsm

Fiberglass multiaxial complex EWFC900,EWFC1050

Fiberglass unidirectional combination fabric ETM450/N45,ETM650/ N45

Fiberglass veil mat EMK 300/N45,EMK 450/N45


Now every month we export there fiberglass products to our Europe,middle-east,southeast Asia and South Asia customers.

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